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A Great Lifestyle Change

I suppose most of us could benefit from a great lifestyle change. There are not many people living the perfect lifestyle especially in the west. By the west I mean societies other than some of the so called third world societies who live a bare subsistence and don’t live a good lifestyle primarily because of financial restraints.

So if you have reached the point in life where you realize that your lifestyle leaves something to be desired and you want to change it what do you change it to. Most of us live a busy lifestyle trying to fit family in between other commitments and eating far less than the best options. Mostly because the best options involve some extra work and time whereas a quick take a way meal or TV dinner fits our busy lifestyle.

We can see that to make a dedicated change to our lifestyle is going to be a major undertaking and not to be looked at lightly. We know the best foods for us are those that we prepare ourselves at home and from fresh ingredients. However, fresh is hardly a commodity now in city living. By the time fresh produce is harvested and processed and trucked and cold stored and finally makes itself available in our supermarkets it is far from fresh.

Many of us are fast realizing this fact and are taking the time to search out real fresh produce from local markets, local growers and organic suppliers. Some of these options will cost more of course but are necessary if we want to eat a little bit healthier. An other option of course is for us to grow our own veggies at home.

This used to be the normal way of life for most people but has become out of fashion although there is a return to the many benefits of home gardening. It sounds like hard work you may ask but it does not have to be as there are some simple gardening methods where there is little work involved. Take the no dig method for example. If you grow veggies in raised garden beds under straw there is little to be done apart from buying and planting the seedlings, water now and then and harvest your fresh produce when you need it. Apartment dwellers can do the same exercise in pots or tubs.

Do a Google search on no dig gardening for all the details. You will surprised how easy it is. Imagine harvesting your own fresh produce and eating them the same day. Can’t get any fresher than that and of course you are in control of what gets sprayed on the plants. I remember once visiting a vegetable farm that was growing commercial cauliflowers. Just before harvest time something was sprayed on them to produce a whiter head. The over spray killed the grass next door. Lovely.

So there you have a really practical option to produce a great lifestyle change. Grow your own. The benefits go much further than just fresh veggies. If you have never done it you will find that gardening is one of the great satisfying pass times relieving much stress from a busy lifestyle. There is a great deal of satisfaction to be had from growing stuff in your own garden. The whole family can be involved. Imagine how much easier it would be to get the kids to eat their veggies if they had input into the growing and harvesting of them.

So combine a great lifestyle change with a new diet and you are on the way to a happier, healthier and longer life. Think about it. It may be just what you need.