Myths About Being Self-Employed and Why They’re Not True

Being self-employed allows you the kind of freedom that working for someone else does not. You get to run your business whichever way you please. You also don’t have to ask permission to go on vacation and you can work from where ever you want. However, many people are either not aware of these benefits, or they think there’s too many disadvantages. So, I thought I’d create a list of the disadvantages, and why they’re actually not that bad. Here are the top five reasons people believe entrepreneurs have it tough and my take on them:1. It’s too much work to manage a business on your own. People think that it would be much more stressful working for yourself than for another person. Having the responsibility of managing a business on your own may seem intimidating, but it’s less daunting than you would expect. Being in control of your career actually makes your life less stressful. Why? It allows you to express yourself and unleash your creativity. When you’re at your job do you get to tweak it to better suit your liking? Are you allowed to share ideas on how you think the company should be run? Probably not. But when you are your own boss, the sky’s the limit to how originative you want to be at work.2. There’s a chance that your project will fail and then you will be without work. Thomas Edison failed more than a thousand times before inventing the light bulb. Sylvester Stallone got rejected more than a thousand times before he got a part in a movie. The point is these people didn’t give up until they got what they wanted. That’s the kind of mindset you want to have when starting your business. If the first second or even third project doesn’t work out, keep trying anyway. And that business that didn’t work out may spark another idea that leads to the career of your dreams.3. Working from home will make you lazy and eventually you’ll stop caring about your enterprise. Not if you love what you do. If you put your heart into your work then that flame will never die. Once you start making sales and getting feedback from buyers, you won’t want to stop working. As long as you’re inspired, you will constantly be coming up with new ideas for your work. Actually, that’s the whole reason to be self-employed: To have a job that pays well and makes you happy.4. You won’t be able to retire on the money you make being self-employed. I can safely say that I’ve read enough inspiring stories about entrepreneurs retiring at a young age to deem this one false. The truth is, you can actually retire much faster being self-employed compared to working for someone else. The reason for that is because when you work for someone else, your future is in their hands. The company you work for could go out of business or your boss could fire you at any time. And you also don’t have control over how much you get paid. Working for yourself gives you an opportunity to steer your career in the direction you want it to go.5. Being self-employed is risky and your income is inconsistent. It’s true that your income may be unpredictable at first. That’s why it’s recommended that you keep your day job until your income becomes dependable. However, once you get good at promoting your business, you will start to get steady profits. And isn’t trying anything new a bit of a risk? Think about something you’re talented at now that you weren’t that great at before. Since you are such a pro at your skill now, obviously that means that you didn’t let the risks out- weigh the benefits of achieving your goal. That’s the kind of attitude to have when developing your business; you can’t let the fear of it being too risky scare you. Just because you may not be making many sales at first, doesn’t mean it’s always going to be like that. If you give it a chance, your business could take off and become successful. Remember, confidence is key when pursuing your career.

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