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Good Health and Fitness is Key

Exercise possesses central importance in the progress of good health and fitness. Those people who do exercise tend to have a happy, active life and they remain safe from various lethal diseases including heart attack and stroke. Exercise can take many shapes and forms, such as joining a gym and performing heavy exercises. However, those exercises would be beneficial in the long term only if they are performed regularly and correctly. The regularity in exercise is mandatory rather than taking heavy exercise that is done irregularly. There are many different tools available to help in your quest for fitness, but in general simplicity is best. The simpler the routine, the more likely you are to continue it and that is really the key to lasting fitness and good health. In your quest to keep things simple, you may wish to have a regular routine of brisk walking or jogging rather than spending the money for a gym membership or buying home exercise equipment, having to make time to drive to the gym, etc.An ideal method to lose some pounds is to start a regular cardio program & do it four times in a week for a minimum of 30 minutes. Select an activity that you enjoy so that you may look forward to exercising. Consider that working-out will benefit not only your physical, but mental & emotional health also. Actually, the aerobic exercise and the weight lifting will help your body produce endorphins, thus naturally making you feel happy. According to psychiatrists, working out increases level of some important antidepressant chemicals in the body like dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin. As levels of all these chemicals rise in your body, you will get an overall feeling of well being. Your regular exercise routine doesn’t just burn fat & increases muscle, but it relieves your stress & depression. Duke University research revealed that for some people exercise will combat feelings of depression – without any prescriptions & side effects.Begin slowly with a short time period devoted to the program daily. Even 10 minutes is a good start and the key is starting the program as well as sticking with it. Sticking with it is where the motivation factor comes in. The motivation factor is tricky & its very different for everybody. Lots of people have been motivated by doing something very small and building on that. That’s why it’s so important to set small, realistic goals at first, and move in baby steps. Remember, first you crawl, then you walk, and finally you run towards your goals!